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Rocky Mountain Gaited Breed



Clipper's Promise

By Rebel out of a Sam Clemon's Tim mare this 8 year old red chocolate mare is a great trail horse.  She is ready to head down the road and will smoothly take you anywhere you want to go!!

Asking Price:  $ 9,500

ClippersPromise Head.jpg

ClippersPromise Body.jpg


Victoria's Not So Secret

This gorgeous 6 year old chocolate flaxen mare is by Holy Knight out of a Holiday Blue Monday mare.  SHE GAITS!!  That's all she does!!  A fun forward mare with a delightful personality.  She is a true ladies pleasure mount!!

Asking Price:  $ 9,000

NotSoSecret Head.jpg

NotSoSecret Body.jpg

Cabby's Midnight Zoom

This 5 year old blue roan mare is by Hope Spring's Caballero out of a Chocolate Venture mare.  She is Rocky through and through, but due to the white markings above her knees she is registered Spotted Saddle Horse.  She is the biggest love,  she would climb in your back pocket if she could.  An easy smooth trail horse as well!!

Asking Price:  $ 5,000

Midnight Zoom Head.jpg

Midnight Zoom Body.jpg

WOF Rockin Andi

By Triple S Tall Chance out of a Sebastian's Mountain King mare this horse has one the the smoothest motors around!!  I don't think she owns a trot!!  A powerhouse on the trail and a love on the ground.  She will make a priceless addition to any horse family!!

Asking Price:  $ SOLD

Andi Head.jpg

Andi Body.jpg


Destiny's Sundown Serenade


This gorgeous 9 year old Rocky Mountain gelding is the perfect package.  By our stallion Maine V's Shadrach out of a Nuncio mare, this horse does not only have the looks and conformation, but he is a well-seasoned trail horse.  Pack trips, beach rides, high stimuli city trails ... he has done it all!!

Asking Price:  $ 10,750

Destiny's Sundown Serenade Head.jpg

Destiny's Sundown Serenade Body.jpg


Speckled Blue Girl


This stunning 8 year old chocolate roan mare is by Union Blue out of a Anna's El Chico mare.  She is a magic carpet ride and such a kind sensitive lady.  A true find for the avid rider!!

Asking Price:  $ 11,000

Blue Girl Head.jpg

Blue Girl Body.jpg


This gentle giant is by Autumn Hawk out of a Captin Bill mare.  He is 9 years old and a strong 15.3 hands.  He is a dream both on the trail and on the ground!!  A true pocket pet ... you just need a REALLY big pocket!!

Asking Price:  $ 9,750

Justice Head.jpg

Justice Body.jpg

California Storm

By V.B.F's Storm Warning out of a Joe Wireman mare, this gelding is ready to head down the trail.  He is 10 years old and loves to be with his people.  He comes running to the gate when in the field.  He is a must see and a must ride!!

Asking Price:  $ 8.750

California Storm Head.jpg

California Storrm Body.jpg


Mocha Mae

By Dock's Jamocha out of a I'm a Joker mare this 4 year old mare is a pocket pet.  She is sooooo naturally gaited and just a true pleasure to both ride and be around.

Asking Price:  $ 8,750

Mocha May Head.jpg

Mocha Mae Body.jpg



 Toby's Roxie Ellen

This 7 year old mare is by Johnson's Toby out of a Broken Bone's Sam's Son's daughter.  She loves to move and glides when she gaits.  She possesses the amazing temperment of the Rocky and needs someone to share it with!!

Asking Price:  $ 7,500

Roxie Ellen Head.jpg

Roxie Ellen Body.jpg

 Charlie's Sweet Angel

This big Tennesse Walker mare is by Hytone Charlie out of Stroker's Buttercup.  A well seasoned trail horse, this 10 year old mare is ready to head down the trail with a beginner or anyone searching for the perfect ride!!

Asking Price:  $ 6,000

Sweet Angel Head.jpg

Sweet Angel Body.jpg


RVF's Pedro

This 6 year old gelding is a show stopper!!  By Hurricane George out of a Carbon mare he is a DREAM on the trail.  He doesn't own a trot and has a glide to his gait that is unbelievable.  A sensitive guy on the ground,  he needs someone who can love and understand him!! 

Asking Price:  $ 7,000

Iron Works Head.jpg

Iron Works Body.jpg


Ruler's Iron Works

  This beautiful 11 year old Tennesse Walker gelding is ready to head down the trail.  He is stout,  seasoned and so willing to please!!  "Red" is eager to find his perfect home and promises to please all!! 

Asking Price:  $ 4,500

Iron Works Head.jpg

Iron Works Body.jpg


Shake Your Tail Feather


By General's Mountain Scout out of a Black Squirrel mare this 8 year old gelding would make an excellent endurance prospect or a great mount for someone that loves to feel the wind in their hair.  He is a solid 15.3 hands with large bone and a natural gait.  He is quite a character looking for a human to love!!

Asking Price:  $ 10,000

Tail Feather Head.jpg

Tail Feather Body.jpg


MCF's Jasper

This 3 year old gelding is a show stopper.  By MCF's Pink Floyd out of an Amigo's Southern Comfort mare he is bred to the nines and such a nice boy.  He wants to be loved and loves to go!!  Come check him out!!


Cheyenne Moon

This beautiful Spotted Saddle Horse yearling will blossom into the perfect trail horse.  She will have size and style.  By Arthur's Traveler out of my Tennessee Walker mare she is a gaiting fool.